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Company Overview

  • This unprecedented growth in the Indian infrastructure and mining sector is an opportunity laden with challenges for Global Players such as the Leighton, CCC, Kajima, Samsung Group executing complex, large scale construction and mining projects. Projects are getting bigger and more complex and construction timelines are getting shorter.
  • Operational matters around equipment fleet procurement and maintenance, recruitment, training and retention of operators and mechanics, storage and transportation of spares and consumables etc. present an ever growing challenge to timely execution of complex projects and management focus
  • Ownership of construction equipment assets, block valuable capital in a depreciating, cost centre asset bank. By renting its asset needs, a construction company can easily reinvest this capital in higher IRR generating projects and also mitigate the above operational challenges
  • Currently, the equipment rental market in India is highly fragmented and is heavily populated by small mom and pop players that are not dependable and professional.
  • SARADA Equipment was founded on January 2010 in Mumbai. From a standing start, SARADA has achieved strong positioning with a blue chip customer base.
  • Sarada Equipment is young and dynamic organization is presently offers a credible alternative to large Indian construction companies like AFCON, L&T, PRAXIOR, AXON Const, NCC, POSCO, SOMA, Star TV, Monarch etc..
  • Sarada Equipment provides the equipment so that our customers can focus on what they do best – planning and execution of complex construction projects

Training and Safety

  • SARADA has strong focus on safety and training of its operators.
  • All our operators are well trained with many years of experience in handling and operating plant and equipment.
  • Each operator joining SARADA undergoes an extensive classroom as well as work shop training on safety issues around the relevant machine operations.
  • Should your machine deployment exceed 10 units, SARADA will organize an on site training for its operators. Will also arrange exclusive maintenance team and it’s setup.

Company Sponsors & Financer

  • AXIS Bank
  • Sundaram Finance
  • Bajaj Finance
  • TATA Capital

Why Rent from SARADA?

  • Optimize Balance sheet efficiency
  • Budget and control maintenance costs
  • Reduce cyclical risk
  • Eliminate concerns on storage and logistics
  • Eliminate equipment obsolescence and depreciation
  • Assured trained manpower at all times
  • Increase safety and efficiency
  • Optimize machine availability